The interdepartmental Classical Studies Program (CLST) at Columbia University (contact information here) brings together faculty from Art History and Archaeology, Classics, History, and Philosophy. Students in the program pursue a Ph.D. or an M.A. in Classical Studies, meeting requirements in three fields relevant to the study of Greek and Roman antiquity as well as the larger Ancient Mediterranean. Together with the Center for the Ancient Mediterranean, Classical Studies is the home of a vibrant community of scholars working in ancient studies at Columbia University. Learn more…

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Classical Dialogues: Two Classic Problems in the Stoic Theory of Time by Ricardo Salles


As part of its Classical Dialogues series, the Classical Studies Graduate Program CLST at Columbia University is pleased to welcome Ricardo Salles from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. On Friday April 15 2016, 11am–1pm, Ricardo Salles will discuss his recent work on the Stoic theory of time. Comments by John Cooper (Princeton University) and Sam McVane (Columbia University). Location: Schermerhorn Hall 934, Columbia University. Please see below Professor Salles’s description of the project to which the paper belongs.

This paper is part of a larger project on ancient Stoic cosmology, two leading elements of which are the ideas of conflagration and of everlasting recurrence: the present cosmos will be destroyed by a mighty fire and fully restored to its present condition, down to its smallest details, through a new cosmogony. The new cosmos, however, will be destroyed by a new fire and the cycle will repeat itself infinitely many times. The reasons advanced by the Stoics in defence of their doctrine of the conflagration are grounded on their physics and their theory of how the ultimate material constituents of the cosmos interact with each other. But the reasons they advanced to defend their doctrine of everlasting recurrence proceed mainly from their theology and their metaphysics. The ultimate product of this project will be a book-length study of the subject which I hope to complete in the next few years. The ideas of conflagration and everlasting recurrence as we find them in the Stoics have important antecedents in the cosmologies of some ‘Presocratics’, and of Plato and Aristotle, which will also be considered in the book. The present paper is a draft of a chapter dealing with the metaphysical conception of time that underlies the doctrine of everlasting recurrence.

In its Classical Dialogues series, the interdepartmental Classical Studies Graduate Progam CLST at Columbia University invites authors of recent work in ancient studies that is exemplary for the kind of study that CLST aims to foster. All faculty and students at Columbia and beyond are cordially invited. CLST students are required to read carefully at least one chapter or article in advance and prepare questions and comments for discussion.

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Call for Applications: Classical Studies Summer Fellowship 2016

The interdepartmental Classical Studies Graduate Program at Columbia, CLST, is offering fellowships to be used as summer funding for CLST Ph.D. students. The fellowships are intended as an additional financial resource to GSAS summer funding as well as other fellowships you may have. We wish to support academic projects that will significantly further your education. Applications must include a description of your project, its relevance to your educational path, as well as a budget. Plausible projects include: research in libraries and archives, travel to excavation sites or other places of relevance to your studies, and language training, and more. At the end of the summer, recipients of the fellowship must submit a report. Two recipients will be awarded a small additional sum for outstanding completion of their summer project. Relevant submissions at the end of the summer include completed conference or journal papers, dissertation proposals that are innovative and especially promising, dissertation chapters, and more. Please send your application by email to the Chair and Vice-Chair of the program by Sunday, April 17.

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Apply Now for Admission to the Classical Studies M.A. Program

Classical Studies invites applications to the M.A. program. The M.A. Program in Classical Studies pursues an integrated approach to the ancient world. It particularly aims to acquaint students with the richness of evidence characterizing the study of classical antiquity, and to stimulate them to use knowledge of the relevant materials and texts with skill and imagination.

To this effect the program draws upon the many resources of Columbia in the classical field: students are given the unique opportunity to work with leading classicists specializing in a variety of areas, take advantage of the intellectual and organizational resources of the four participating Departments, get access to the libraries of the University; they are eligible to work with the materials of Columbia’s archaeological, epigraphic, and numismatic collections, can apply to Columbia’s excavation projects, and participate in the numerous initiatives organized by the University (seminars, lectures, conferences, museum trips). Continue reading

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